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Early in my physical therapy career several challenging cases led me to explore the mind-body connection. I saw amazing results when combining treatment for the inter-connected nature of physical pain with deep emotional wounds.

I became a Physical Therapist and Lamaze International Childbirth Educator in 1978. I thought about becoming a physician but decided on physical therapy, because physical therapy’s focus integrates my love of sports, outdoor activities, and medicine. I love outdoor activities and life sciences so what a blessing to incorporate both into my life’s work. My specialized training included manual therapy, sport, spine, orthopedic, neurologic, trauma (childhood and combat), and ob-gyn rehabilitation.

I saw male and female patients whose pain and symptoms had no related physical injury or structural disorder. I worked with mental health professionals to resolve physical and non-physical pain and limitation. When you’re in pain, you can’t always determine why, but you know for sure – it hurts and you want help!

Here is how I helped James and Cheryl…


James came in because he wanted to stop his chronic back pain. The physical therapy treatments helped temporarily, but there seemed to be some underlying, unseen cause of his pain. I referred him to a skilled counselor I knew, and we worked together to address James’ physical pain along with his past childhood trauma and abuse. His physical pain and limitations ceased when the emotional and spiritual wounds of his past abuse healed along with his “body memories” (pain and biochemical reactions based on past experience).


Cheryl had persistent neck pain. She tried many different treatments and medications without relief. I introduced her to experiential healing approaches—addressing body, mind, heart, and spirit. Her body healed with sensitive, corrective physical therapy, and her neck pain ceased when truth replaced the lies she believed from the painful childhood abuse she had endured. Total healing.

Whether the complaints were vague or specific, I realized these patients had pain and pathology beyond the physical. I coordinated my physical therapy treatment with mental health work to help patients move more quickly to total healing. When the patient dealt with difficult emotional or mental work, I provided the comfort, joy, and refreshment that safe, respectful touch, an attentive heart, and experienced, nurturing care provides. Sometimes counseling progressed slowly and the patient could handle new challenges. I then pursued more aggressive physical therapy treatment and re-training focusing on manual therapy and structural correction. The goal was to resolve physical pain, structural problems, balance disorders, and equip the patient with healthy life skills. I addressed all four areas: Body, Mind, Heart (Emotions), and Spirit.

Eventually, I was blessed with a reputation for achieving comprehensive healing in challenging cases.

Patients who had experienced extreme torture and abuse as young children came to me for help in healing their physical, functional, and relational difficulties. In working with these patients and their counselors, I confirmed that sensitive physical therapy is very effective in achieving long-term, comprehensive healing for athletes, accident victims, trauma survivors, and all my patients.

As more people sought comprehensive healing, I moved into private practice. There, I could take the time to thoroughly address the individual needs of my patients and help them understand the close connection and impact of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. Over time 4×4 Healing emerged.

4x4 healing

What is 4×4 Healing?

4X4 Healing equips you to navigate the tough terrain of life and health problems through a comprehensive approach of treating and training the whole person. Imagine a 4-wheel-drive vehicle climbing a steep, rocky, narrow trail. All four wheels work independently and in tandem to power up hills and over obstacles to the destination. This imagery perfectly shows the comprehensive healing approach of 4X4 Healing. Instead of treating symptoms, we identify the root issues and provide tools and techniques to promote lasting improvement in all 4 areas.

4×4 Components


Your physical body—your anatomy and physiology—that manifests visible injury or dysfunction, as well as the unseen pain of your heart, mind, and spirit.


Seat of mental processing. Powerful tool when healthy, but distorted thinking affects perspectives, decisions, relationships, self-care, and stress levels, which affects your body.


Emotions. The pain in your body affects your heart—the way you feel, your goals, and desires—just as the pain and injuries of your heart affect your physical structure. It is a positive or negative heart-shaped cycle.


The eternal you. Your beliefs and values, the presence of joy, peace, and contentment, or lack thereof, in your life and relationships, profoundly affect your physical condition.

Through the healing process, four additional elements are incorporated:


Recognize the problem. How to correct the problem (the treatment plan) and why the process is trustworthy and essential.


Discover unseen, subtle contributors of pain and limitation—areas that need healing and care—with support and encouragement through 4×4 Healing.


Practice healthy corrections to experience peace, joy, rest, and wholeness in your new life.


Establish new positive practices and boundaries in vibrant health, function, and relationships for lasting improvement.