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Your Body

You never know yourself till you know more than your body.—Thomas Traherne





Our bodies express physical injury, deep emotions, harbored hurts, and what we believe. And pain makes sure you know it’s there. Physical treatment and training provide some relief.

But physical training alone will only provide temporary relief unless the non-physical causes of symptoms are also addressed.

4×4 Healing addresses body, mind, heart, and spirit. 4×4 Healing provides comprehensive and lasting healing, to correct physical problems and attend deep internal pain so you can experience:



Freedom to live a vibrant life at any age.

There are two main approaches to your physical pain warnings:

  1. You can’t, so you don’t.
    You cover-up or avoid that pain, symptom, and limitation and learn to live with the problem day in and day out, or
  2. You can’t, so let’s look.
    Let’s find out why and take steps to find the cause of the pain, take steps to correct the problem, resolve the pain and restore full function as much as possible, to live victoriously.

Without realizing it you’ve chosen option 1 or 2 (or both) at different times in your life. And that’s okay. But when you choose the first option often enough times, pain hops into the driver’s seat of your rock-crawling 4×4 and you have to avoid the fun roads in life because it hurts too much. When you have had enough pain and lost joy, you may be ready to scooch that pain-driver right out and replace it with the second solution: finding out why you hurt and taking steps to correct the root problem.

Drive your 4×4 “life vehicle” where you want to go. Drive with health addressing the 4 and 4 of 4×4.

Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Educate, Exploration, Equip, and Empower.

4×4 Healing.

It’s not just exercise, it’s life change.

Yes, I will give you physical therapy exercises, but they are tailored exactly for your individual needs and translate nicely into your daily life. Your body and mind are interconnected, your exercises and your daily life will be interconnected as well.

How you sit, stand, breath, reach, climb, run, walk, work, play, and recover all matter because they affect how vibrant your life can be.

4×4 Healing incorporates physical retraining with healthy life skills into your daily life to heal all of you.

Start the most important journey of your life!

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