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Providers: Sensitive Care for Trauma Survivors

Providers: Sensitive Care for Trauma Survivors

Are you seeing patients with unresolved pain and dysfunction? Many physical complaints and problems originate from non-physical sources. To resolve pathology, we must attend to physical pain, dysfunction, and symptoms while we also recognize and attend to the non-physical contributors.

Patients are more satisfied and their healing more successful when the concepts presented in this course are present. This is an opportunity to refresh and reconsider the scope and impact of sensitive care for all patients.

I am happy to provide instruction at your location. Please contact me at to arrange on-site workshops and seminars.

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Refuse to Be a Victim

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Crime Prevention Class—taught by Certified Instructor Bonnie Yost, PT

No Firearms used, 4 hours–$35/person—supplies and food provided

Do you wrestle with fear? Ever feel helpless? This course provides classroom instruction and real-world crime prevention activities that will build confidence, teach you how to respond to potential threats, and avoid being an easy target or victim. The course includes self and situational awareness, common weaknesses that attract criminals, fundamentals of criminal thinking, home and vehicle security, personal safety, avoidance techniques, use of personal safety devices, and more. Be equipped and empowered to prevent confrontations and protect yourself and loved ones. No firearms are involved in this course.

Class provides:

  • Light lunch—please bring your own water/drink
  • Student Handbook and other class materials
  • Tote bag and pen
  • Real-world scenarios, tactics, and role-playing experiences
  • Practical application, community connection, and support

Upon successful completion you will receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

Location: Elizabeth, Colorado
Class Size: 10 people minimum, 20 people maximum
Time: 0900-1300 (9AM-1PM)
Includes snacks, light lunch, and class materials.

Class Dates: If you need a class on a weekday, please send me a message at and let me know your desired date. Bring friends and have everyone sign up until at least 10 are in the class.

I am happy to provide instruction at your location. Please contact me at to arrange on-site workshops and seminars.

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Basic Firearms Proficiency

Basic Firearms Proficiency (8.5 hours) $150 lunch and snacks included

4x4 Healing Firearms TrainingThis is a comprehensive, success-oriented course of classroom and shooting training for men and women that meets the requirements to apply for Concealed Carry Permits in a variety of states and counties. We specialize in working with ALL comfort levels—from NO experience, apprehensive of firearms, to military and proficient marksmen—to build knowledge, skill, accuracy, and safe firearms habits for self-confidence and personal safety in real-life situations.


  • Dennis Yost – Military Veteran, FFDO, Range Safety Officer, NRA certified instructor
  • Bonnie Yost – Physical Therapist, Range Safety Officer, NRA certified instructor

Upon successful completion:

  • Certificate of Training, ready to submit and obtain a concealed carry permit
  • NRA “Basics of Pistol Shooting” book and worksheets for future reference and study
  • PDF of classroom instruction emailed to you upon request
  • Instructor support for questions and practical application
  • Tactical and real-world situation training

Class Dates (weather permitting) 3 people minimum, 4 people maximum:

All classes are 8.5 hours and run from 0830 to 1700

2022 Classes:

  • May 21, Saturday
  • June 04, Saturday
  • June 18, Saturday
  • July 16, Saturday
  • July 30, Saturday
  • August 06, Saturday
  • August 20, Saturday
  • September 24, Saturday

Also available on other dates for groups of 3+. Please contact me for details.


All major credit cards are accepted. If you wish to mail a check, select “Pay Later” during checkout. Bonnie will contact you. Checks need to be received at least one week prior to the start of class.

Firearms Training: What You Will Need

You will need to bring your own:

  • Paper/pen for notes if you wish
  • Water bottle with lid

For all Firearms Courses, also bring your own:

  • Eye protection – glasses or safety goggles
  • Hearing protection (consider Amazon or another source – electronic ear protection is very beneficial so here are a couple of suggestions with non-electric options also:
  • Electronic “ears” are very effective protection and still allow you to hear firing line commands and be aware of your surroundings. Here are some links that may help: If you do not want to invest in electronic ear protection, these non-electronic earplugs are good and comfortable (I keep them with me in a purse or pocket for noisy movies, concerts, church, etc. but for shooting, it would be good to add non-electronic ear muffs over the plugs:
  • Your pistol – There is no charge if you need information in choosing the pistol, holster or accessories that would be best for your use and comfort, so please contact me for assistance.
  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your pistol – Due to group safety and qualification needs, we require only commercially manufactured ammunition for the course.
  • Please bring an appropriate holster for your gun. Whether you will be carrying your pistol in a special conceal-carry purse, waistband holsters, or belt and holster, it is best to practice with what you will use to defend yourself if necessary. This link may help get you started with the variety of holsters available: There are many other quality accessories available and we’d be happy to discuss the options with you.