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Your Mind

What you believe is what you live, whether you know it or not.





“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions.
Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character.
And watch your character for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become.
My father always said that…”—Margaret Thatcher

Healing includes retraining and healing your mind.

Have you stopped to think about the messages that go through your mind every day?

You are bombarded with thousands of messages—from both external and internal sources. How we learn to sort, categorize, respond, and disregard these messages affects our health.

Do you recognize these 4 “voices” that send you messages through the day and night?

1) your will,

2) the world,

3) the enemy of God and His people, and

4) your Creator.

That’s a whole lot of noise in one little head. Are you able to discern what those “voices” sound like? Which voice are you listening to and following? Which ones can’t you escape? Are you discerning one from another? Can you change what you think and believe? Yes!

Psychology Today reports,

“Good decision-making is one of the most important life skills to own.”

A key component of 4×4 Healing replaces lies with truth. It moves concepts from your head (“should”) into life application (“do”). You begin to think differently, so you choose and live differently. These changes improve your health.

Psychology Today also reports, “Science Daily reported that the reviewers of more than 160 studies on the mind-body connection were shocked by the consistency they saw in the data. Over and over the evidence showed that a person’s positive beliefs are a strong influence for good on their health.”

Many of my patients didn’t realize the mental trauma they’d endured. Trauma interferes with normal mental development and can set up persistent thoughts that limit your potential, demean your identity, and steal your joy. But it doesn’t have to continue that way. The good news is that your brain can heal, your thinking can improve, and the joy center of your brain can grow.

4×4 Healing experiential exercises increase joy in your life. Joy in every life. Not in perfect lives. Every life. Do you know that joy is critical to your mental and general health? Joyful experiences restore brain and body health, increase competitive endurance, build coping resiliency, decrease fatigue, and prevent depression.

Deep internal joy promotes confidence and the ability to successfully deal with difficulties as well as reasonable, appropriate risks involved in mental and physical growth.

Healing your body must include retraining and healing your mind.

Start the most important journey of your life!

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