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bonnie yost physical therapist

“To my amazement, you have helped not only with my physical pain, but with my emotional healing as well.”

Teresa B.

“I have found healing with the instruction and “how to” steps to achieve total healing from past wounds that I have carried for some time in my life. I have shared her wisdom with family and friends and grandkids experiencing difficulties in their life with the power of prayer and the guided instruction of steps to achieve freedom in Christ! Thank you, God, for Bonnie and her Godly wisdom and counsel in my life.”

Julie F.

“The 4x4 Healing approach to healing the mind, body, soul, and spirit is effective and practical. [It] changed the way I think about the mind-body connection.”

Tom B., MA, LMFT

“In comparing the progress made by this individual prior to Bonnie’s involvement and then since, the benefits of a holistic approach in Physical Therapy is has become obvious.”

Sharon K.

“By going through the 4x4 Healing approach and in contact with healthy, mature support, I can be the person God intended me to be and fully develop and use the gifts and calling He has waiting for me.”

Debbie B.

“I have truly been a Christian for years … but the transformation that God did in my life through 4x4 Healing was nothing short of a new life. My wounds, deep and profound, began to mend. In a short time, I went from an isolated, fearful, traumatized heart. To one that looks forward to the sunrise, who speaks openly and desires to share God’s hope and heart with other wounded, hurting individuals – a passionate person who lives in hope and joy. I actually walk in freedom for the first time in my life.”


“My work with 4x4 Healing has greatly freed my heart, mind, spirit, and body of residual that I thought had been dealt with but in reality, was still limiting my thinking, living, and freedom.”


“I knew I had been traumatized repeatedly from an early age, but I did not know how deeply it had affected my freedom – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. After struggling for many years to find freedom and relief, I began to apply the principles in 4x4 Healing. I am seeing God’s hand at work and my life is changing. I feel renewed excitement.”


“Through self-evaluative work with guided assistance and accountability, connecting our God-given heart, mind, body, and spirit to become whole and healed in Christ, I have seen people become free from chronic illnesses, previous allergies, disabilities and psychological traumas and limitations. I’ve seen children develop healthy behavioral changes, fears eliminated, confidence gained, and any number of other life-giving benefits from following the steps and learning the truths that God has provided through scripture, and which 4x4Healing has organized for practical applications.
I now actively use the lessons I’ve learned from this ministry to combat my own doubts, fears, lies that limit and harm me, quickly and effectively handle unexpected situations, challenges and ailments without fear, eliminate worry, and overall empower myself through the truth and grace of God to live life to the fullest, step forward in faith, and achieve far beyond anything I could have imagined for myself.
You don’t change anything about your life or habits by waiting until you “feel ready.” You become ready by doing first.”

Dana Y.