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Physical Therapist, Bonnie Yost, Offers Practical Pain Relief With A Giant Dose of Joy and Hope

Most people live with some kind of pain.

The Origin of Your Pain May Surprise You…Bonnie Yost, PT, Addresses Both Physical and Non-physical wounds

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Doesn’t release from pain sound wonderful? But not every day feels like you can get up and feel that freedom. Because of:

  • Physical pain—a flashing warning light that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Mental stress—our mind functions efficiently and clearly or it can get tangled up in unhelpful patterns.
  • Emotional pain—a broken and wounded heart.

You are body, mind, heart AND spirit.
Bonnie addresses all areas to find a path to pain relief, joy, and peace.

Bonnie speaks on a variety of topics and shares from her latest book The Heart of Healing: Break Free From Physical Pain and Emotional Wounds. She personally answers individual questions while participants learn how to:

  • Resolve and prevent common physical pain and problems
  • Recognize and destroy deep, internal roadblocks
  • Become an active, successful participant in their journey toward healing.

Each participant gets a free gift and a book discount, plus a random draw for at least one giveaway.

“I welcome the opportunity to teach small and large groups. My most recent speaking event was for over 80 lovely folks at a church in Hawaii. (Yes, unfortunately, there is still pain in paradise.)

I would love to speak with your group and help you find relief from persistent pain and problem habits.”

– Bonnie Yost, PT

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“I help people transform physical limitation and deep, internal and relational pain into profound potential to live in joy, freedom, and vibrant health.”

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Preferred Topics

  • Heal Your Heart and Relationships (Identify invisible wounds and a positive path forward)
  • 4 Keys To Live A Joyful Life (Daily strategies to live in authentic joy)
  • Knock Out Knee Pain (Stretches, and strengthening for healing and pain prevention)
  • Positive Ways To Deal With Stress (Proven solutions for when you encounter stress)
  • Halt Headaches (Physical and mental tools to stop headaches)
  • Build Your Balance (Age gracefully and prevent falls)
  • Oh, My Aching Back (Stretches and strengthening for the most common chronic pain area)
  • Listen To Your Body (Identify physical effects of past abuse, trauma, and deep, invisible wounds)